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Westrup is at the forefront of merging underground music with quality art, and this deserves to be recognised. We’re not talking about the #hiphopart hashtag.

Nah. Let’s talk UK now.

Let’s talk Mister Westrup

Asma Qureshi for Voice of London

Mister Westrup is a pseudonym for Oliver Westrup, a talented digital artist and designer based in Essex, UK. With a strong presence in the UK music industry, he has contributed significantly to the art direction and design of several albums and artworks. His diverse portfolio ranges from digital to print, showcasing his creative flair and innovative approach.

West has collaborated with various well-known clients, including BBC 1xtra, Moss Bros, Entertainment One, Tileyard Music, P Money, Ghetts, and Paigey Cakey. His exceptional skills and attention to detail have made him a sought-after professional in the industry, delivering top-notch designs and artwork that capture the essence of his client’s brands.

Digital Painting

Digital painting
Audrey Hepburn Digital Painting Framed
Paigey Cakey Album Artwork


Artwork featuring Ghetts, P Money, Paigey Cakey, Bazil Meade and BBC 1xtra